I work for appendTo - The jQuery Company

appendToLogoAs you may or may not seen on Twitter the last 3 weeks or so, I accepted an offer to work with appendTo, LLC - The Company Dedicated to jQuery where I will be doing JavaScript Consulting as well as other activities.

I first met the CEO (Mike Hostetler) and President (Jonathan Sharp) of appendTo back in January while I was at the launch of jQuery 1.4 in Washington DC.

After the unfortunate turn of events at my last job (raided by the FBI & IRS), I was forced to look for a new job opportunity.

One of the first places I thought of working for was appendTo. After several weeks of talks everything worked out and now I am an official employee!

Since I’ve started I’ve done some writing, did an architectural review of a client’s code, and most recently I’ve been diving deep in developing a JavaScript and jQuery library.

I am really excited about this opportunity. The group of people that I work alongside are top notch! I find it impressive that appendTo has 5 official jQuery Team members working for them.

It looks like I’ll be able to attend the Boston jQuery Conference this coming October 16-17, 2010. I hope to see you there! Sign up while tickets last.

<blockquote>By the way, thank all of you who sent me job leads, contacting me about working with you, or tweeted on my behalf while I was looking for a job. I appreciate all your efforts!</blockquote>