Top 5 jQuery Modal Plugins

I’ve been working on a couple of prototype projects over the last month or so and inevitably I end up needing some type of modal dialog to either notify or request information to/from the user.

Historically, I’ve just been  BlockUI man, but I wondered what everyone else in the jQuery community was using for a modal dialog plugin.

So, about a week ago I tweeted a poll from PollDaddy asking what modal plugins you use.

Here are the results of the poll…

<p></p>     <p>As you can see, out of the 15 jQuery Modal plugins that I polled, the community picked the following 5 to be their favorite jQuery Modal Dialog plugin…</p>  <ol><li><a href="">ThickBox</a></li>    <li><a href="">BlockUI</a></li>    <li><a href="">jQuery UI Dialog</a></li>    <li><a href="">jqModal</a></li>    <li><a href="">Facebox</a> </li> </ol>
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jQuery Introduction Talk

Tonight I am giving a “jQuery Introduction” presentation to the Nashville .NET User’s Group.

Time: Pizza @ 6:00pm; Presentation @ 6:30pm;

Topic: jQuery Introduction

jQuery is a JavaScript framework that makes client-side coding more simple and powerful than compared to straight JavaScript. This session will give an overview of benefits of jQuery, show how to integrate jQuery in your project, and demonstrate how easy it is to do complex things with a small amount of jQuery code.


Highwoods Plaza I (Signage out front says Aspect - Cogent)
Suite 460 (4th floor)
5410 Maryland Way
Brentwood, TN 37027

(615) 324-8226

Update: You can now download the slides from my presentation. I used the S5 web based presentation tool which allowed me to actually run jQuery examples inside the presentation.

Note: The video is still being encoded and should be live sometime this weekend. I will update this post with the video once it is available.

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Speaking at CodeStock 2009

I am honored to have been picked as one of the CodeStock 2009 speakers for this year. Thank you to everyone who voted for my session!

The results of the voting came out yesterday and have been posted to the CodeStock website.

Useful jQuery tips, tricks, and plugins with ASP.NET MVC
Elijah Manor - ( Area: ASP.NET MVC Level: 200)

ASP.NET MVC has included the jQuery framework as part of their installation package. There are many ways in which jQuery compliments ASP.NET MVC by making the Views very simple. This session will review various tips, tricks, and plugins that demonstrate how jQuery and ASP.NET MVC work very well together.


CodeStock will be taking place June 26-27, 2009 in Knoxville, TN.

Purchase your tickets today!

You can find a list of Twitter Users that have already signed up for CodeStock on their website.

I hope to see you there! I’m sure I’ll be tweeting about my experiences :)

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Delicious Tech Tweets

Due to popular demand I have started to publish my Twitter tech tweets to my delicious profile.

The original intent of the tech tweets was to share current technology news with those that might be interested.

delicious I have had feedback from several individuals (@shanselman, @calvinb, @mallize) that delicious would be a good repository to complement my tech tweets so that someone could easily retrieve the links in the future.

If you are new to delicious, it is a social bookmarking service that allows you to post and share links to the world. You can learn more about it on delicious’ about page. There are some really useful tools to make this more worth your while.

twitterSo, with the addition of delicious I think I will cease to post the weekly Tech Twitterings blog post since the content should be much easier to locate on delicious.

Hopefully this can be a useful option for those that are interested in the tech tweets, but don’t want to follow me on Twitter because of the quantity of my tweets :)

I have started a program to post a delicious link as soon as my tweets get posted, but in the meantime there will be a slight delay between my tweets and when it gets posted to delicious.

What do you think about this change? Do you find the tech tweets useful? Do you have a delicious account?

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Presenting jQuery Plugin Session at devLink Conference

Last month I submitting 6 sessions to this year’s devLink Conference.

I recently found that they accepted the advanced session on ‘How to create your own jQuery Plugin’ that I had proposed.

Here is the session abstract for those of you who are interested…

<blockquote>How to create your own jQuery Plugin

There comes a time when the jQuery plugins currently available just don’t meet your immediate needs. This session will show you how to go about creating your own plugin and will address key points you need to consider while making a plugin.</blockquote>I’ve been to devLink for the past two years and it’s definitely worth the time and money. It is a great chance to learn new concepts and to meet and share ideas with fellow geeks!

Here is some more information about the conference…
<dl><dt>When</dt><dd>August 13 - 15, 2009</dd><dt>Reg. Opens</dt><dd>April 1, 2009</dd><dt>Reg. Closes</dt><dd>July 30, 2009 or until sold out (800 available)</dd><dt>Cost</dt><dd>Standard Ticket - $100 </dd><dt>Where</dt><dd>Lipscomb University</dd></dl>

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