AngleBrackets Sessions and Slides
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I had a great time this week at the AngleBrackets conference in Las Vegas, NV. It was the first year for this web focused conference.

I was honored to speak alongside John Papa (@john_papa), Dan Wahlin (@danwahlin), Scott Hanselman (@shanselman), Christian Heilmann (@codepo8), Lea Verou (@LeaVerou), Denise Jacobs (@denisejacobs), Jim Cowart (@ifandelse), Todd Anglin (@toddanglin), Burke Holland (@burkeholland), and more....

Thanks you for everyone who was able to attend my talks. It was great to meet you all. I enjoyed our conversations and your questions. I hope to see you all around at another conference in the near future! The following are the talks that I gave this past week.

Angry Birds of JavaScript

AngleBrackets was the first time I've given my Angry Birds of JavaScript talk based on the blog series that ended yesterday. You can click the following image to see the slides.

I used the reveal.js slide presentation framework for my slides. You'll need to down-arrow down to drill into each topic and then right-arrow to the next topic. The last slide of the Red Angry Bird is an interactive game. You have to destroy both pigs before you can proceed to the next topic ;)

Introduction to Backbone.js

I've given this talk once before, but I tweaked the slides somewhat since then.

Other Sessions

You can view the slides from the other sessions at the AngleBrackets website.

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Angry Birds of JavaScript- Mighty Eagle: Automation