ASPInsiders Twitter List
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The ASPInsiders is a select group of international professionals in ASP.NET technologies (Web Forms, MVC, Web Pages, etc...)

Jason Gaylord has assembled a list of ASPInsiders into a new ASPInsiders Twitter List that you can follow to keep track of the latest in ASP.NET technologies.

"The ASPInsiders team spends countless hours answering questions and giving guidance to other ASP.NET developers, as well as providing feedback and diretion on new features for future ASP.NET releases. Their work and contributions are invaluable." --Scott Guthrie (Product Unit Manger, Web Platforms, Microsoft Corporation)

ASPInsiders Twitter List

Note: The ASPInsiders group is different from the Microsoft MVP award. Many of the ASPInsiders either are or have been a Microsoft MVP as well, but there are also many that have not. There is not a 1:1 correlations between the two groups.

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