Custom Searches with Alfred
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alfred logo If you use Mac OS X, then you are probably already aware of the Alfred productivity app. Even though there is a native OS Spotlight, I find that Alfred suites my needs better. One of these gems is... Custom Search.

Custom Web & URL Searches

Alfred comes with built-in Web Searches such as google, translate, twitter, wiki, imdb, facebook, weather, etc... but it also lets you create your own custom search.

You can create a custom search of your own by identifying a website that supports URL parameters. For example, let's create a Custom Search for Stack Overflow.

Here we provide the Search URL including the {query} that represents the value we provide to Alfred.

Screen Shot 2014 11 30 at 11 52 43 PM

Now I can use the custom search by triggering Alfred with my new keyword and a search term like the following... stack reactjs flux

Can I Use?

If you are writing cross-browser web sites and need to search for feature support, then you are probably visiting the Can I Use? website fairly frequently.

For this purpose, why not make a caniuse Alfred Custom Search... //{query}

Dev Docs

The API documentation for all the technologies we use are spread out all over the internet. Dev Docs is a handy online tool that allows you to search across many technologies to find API level documentation. They currently support HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, Grunt, Lo-Dash, Sass, SVG, and over 30 more APIs.

For this I've created a devdocs custom search... //{query}

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