DevExpress CodeRush with Refactor Pro Giveaway
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DevExpressThis time Devexpress has offered to giveaway 3 separate licenses of their CodeRush with Refactor Pro Visual Studio add-on each with a value of $249.99!CodeRush with Refactor Pro is a productivity tool that can assist you in your programming efforts. There are many features that can catapult your productivity to the next level. There are more details later in this post covering the detail of this Visual Studio add-on.

Giveaway Rules

The contest will start today, November 5th, 2009, and last 7 days concluding on November 11th, 2009 11:59PM. At that point I will pick the winner and announce the results on the following day. In order to signup for the giveaway you need to do 4 things…
  1. Follow @elijahmanor on Twitter
  2. Tweet the following…
  3. Add a comment to this blog including your Twitter username
  4. And in honor of our sponsor follow @DevExpress on Twitter and become a fan of DevExpress on Facebook
At the end of the contest I will pick a random comment from this blog entry and then make sure the comment author also completed the other 3 steps. At that point I will Direct Message the winner (which is why you need to follow @elijahmanor) with further instructions to receive the CodeRush with Refactor Pro license.Note: You can add multiple comments to this blog post, but only one per day per person. This increases you chances of winning. So please, come by once a day during the contest and leave a comment below.

Learn More About CodeRush with Refactor Pro

1. The online screencasts will teach you quickly how to get started with CodeRush 2. Download the fully-functioning trial and test drive in your Visual Studio 3. Check out their blogs, they've got some great content up there 4. DevExpress has a big developer fan base and their Facebook Page shows this enthusiasm and excitement. Become a fan by going to this page

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You can also check out a great blog post by Rory Becker (@RoryBecker) explaining the top features that he likes about CodeRush with Refactor Pro.

Winners Announced…

Congratulations to Al Gonzalez (@algonzalex), Simon Green (@lumbarius), and John Nystrom (@johnnystrom) for winning the CodeRush with Refactor Pro Giveaways. Someone from DevExpress will be contacting you shortly with instructions. Thanks to everyone for participating. I have other prizes to giveaway in the near future. So stayed tuned ;)

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