{Dev:unplugged} HTML5 Contest

In addition to launching IE9 yesterday Microsoft has recently launched a new HTML5 competition called {Dev:unplugged}.

The goal is to encourage innovation and push theย barrier as to what HTML5 and related technologies can create.

The contest is split between 3 main categories: Games, Music, and Innovation. To help get you started, Microsoft is even providing assets, recommending resources, and referring to various code samples.

As a side note, I am honored to be one of the judges for this contest alongside some extremely talented leaders in this field:

<ul><li>Andrew Dupont (@AndrewDupont)</li><li>Dion Almaer (@dalmaer)</li><li>Brad Neuberg (@bradneuberg)</li><li>Allison House (@allison_house)</li><li>Rob Ford (@fwa)</li><li>Ben Galbraith</li><li>Robert Nyman (@robertnyman)</li><li>Dominic Espinosa (@mrs_moustache)</li><li>Naveen Selvadurai (@naveen)</li><li>Grant Skinner (@gskinner)</li><li>Remy Sharp (@rem)</li></ul>
To encourage participation there are over $40,000 worth in prizes that will be given away with the Grand Prize winner receiving $9,000 in cash and a trip to the Future of Web Apps Converence in Las Vegas.

The following are the rules of the competitions. You can find more details on their website.

<ol><li>No Plugins: The submission must stick to HTML/CSS/JS on the client-side (no restrictions on the server-side)</li><li>Same Markup: The submission has to work across IE9 RC, Chrome Beta and Firefox Beta.</li><li>Making the Web Native: The submission must be amazing! We will be keeping an eye out for submissions that push the envelope and blur the line between a web app and a native app.</li></ol>
<h3>Get Coding</h3>
So, what are you waiting for? Shoot for the stars and start developing the next innovation on the web! You have until May 8, 2011 to submit your web application to be included in the content. Sign up today!

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