Easily Share Code with these 8 Online Tools
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I got the following tweet yesterday…

twitterED_normal  damanlovett: @elijahmanor You seem like a #jquery guru. ? 4 U, is it possible to use a dialog box to submit form data

And as it turned out, I had just had issues with submitting form data with the jQuery BlockUI Plugin the previous day & was able to find a work around (as I blogged hours after he asked me).

Although I blogged about a workaround hours later, I thought he might need a quicker answer so I went on the lookout for an online code sharing website to post and share the code with him. I’ve used one or two of these services in the past, but at the time I was drawing a blank so I tweeted the question…

DSCN8389_normal  elijahmanor: I'm having a brain freeze... what is that service where you can post a snippet of code online & get a URL to share w/ others? Moments later I was flooded with lots of different online options to share code. Here are 8 online services that I received via twitter replies or that I found separately… Note: Click the image to redirect to the actual hosted code snippetSnipt.orgSniptOrg HTML pastebinPastebinCom FriendpasteFriendPasteCom Snipt Note: You have to either create an account or use an OpenIdSniptNet CodePaste.NETCodePasteNet PastiePastieOrg SnipplrSnipplrCom textsnipTextSnipCom

Which of the above services do you like best? Did I miss your favorite online code sharing service? If so, leave a comment with your favorite or suggestion.

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