@ElijahManor is Looking for a jQuery &| ASP.NET MVC Job
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If you haven’t heard already, I am looking for a new job opportunity… and yes, I realize the title of this blog is speaking in the 3rd person ;)

I am primarily looking for a full-time position where I can either work in a Nashville office or work remotely from Nashville.

I am a Microsoft MVP of ASP.NET and a member of the ASPInsiders group.

I specialize in developing with jQuery and ASP.NET MVC. I tend to focus on the UI only (everything up to the web service call to the middle tier).

I enjoy blogging, writing technical articles, speaking, and playing with the latest and greatest web development tools and libraries.

You can find my resume on my LinkedIn profile.

I look forward to hearing more about your company & the positions that you have available.

Please contact me either through LinkedIn, Twitter (@elijahmanor), or my Contact page.

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I work for appendTo - The jQuery Company
jQuery jqGrid Plugin: Add, Edit, Delete with ASP.NET MVC