Exterminate Common jQuery Bugs Video
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I recently gave a presentation at aspConf: The Virtual ASP.NET Conference on `Exterminating Common jQuery Bugs`. I recorded the session locally and the aspConf guys graciously processed it and hosted it on the Channel 9 website.

The video above is the full 1 hour session with all of the points from my blog series plus a couple more that I haven't blogged yet. You can view the slides from the presentation from my GitHub account.

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I presented this same talk at the jQuery San Fransisco 2012 Conference about a month ago, but I was limited to 30 minutes so I had to trim down what sections I covered.

The session is not referring to bugs in jQuery core itself, but rather bugs that tend to crop up in your application code the more you use jQuery.

Each point focuses on Examining a code sample with a bug, Explaining what is going on, Exterminating the bug by solving it one or more ways, and then dive into some Extra tidbits of knowledge that might be interesting about that topic.

The bugs vary from synchronous/asynchronous code, looking into the \$.each method, looking at some confusing jQuery methods, digging into event delegation, unpacking strange animation behavior, and much more.

I hope you enjoy the session and pick up at least one thing you didn't know and can start using right away.

I want to thank all the staff and volunteers that put together and ran the jQuery and aspConf conferences. I had a blast participating in the events and enjoyed interacting with the audience in person and virtually. Thanks!

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