Firebug 1.0 Beta

For those of you who use Firefox, you should check out the Firebug 1.0 beta extension! I had used the old version for quite some time, but I was blown away with the great enhancments in the 1.0 beta version.

Here are some of its featuresโ€ฆ
<li>Just the way you like it</li>
<li>Inspect and edit HTML</li>
<li>Tweak CSS to perfection</li>
<li>Visualize CSS metrics</li>
<li>Monitor network activity</li>
<li>Debug and profile JavaScript</li>
<li>Quickly find errors</li>
<li>Explore the DOM</li>
<li>Execute JavaScript on the fly</li>
<li>Logging for JavaScript</li>
Here is what Rich Strahl had to say about itโ€ฆ
<blockquote cite="">โ€œIโ€™ve been using Visual Studioโ€™s JavaScript debugging most of the time, but with Firebug in this state Iโ€™ve been able to move most of my debugging โ€“ except for IE specific issues which are unfortunately quite common โ€“ into Firebug.

Highly recommended.โ€</blockquote>

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