Hanselminutes #256: JavaScript& jQuery: Moving beyond Alert()

Dave Ward ( @encosia ) and I were honored to be guests on Hanselminutes #256: JavaScript & jQuery: Moving beyond Alert() while we were at the MVP Summit in Redmond, WA.

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Our conversations revolved around trying to encourage developers to take their JavaScript knowledge to the next level.

Many developers view JavaScript as a necessary evil and possibly a toy language. Part of this tarnished view of JavaScript may have stemmed from the olden days when you had to manually navigate through the various DOM inconsistencies yourself. Thankfully today modern JavaScript libraries (such as jQuery, Dojo, MooTools, YUI, etc) have abstracted away many of those horrible cross-browser inconsistencies in the DOM.

Many developers don’t take the necessary effort to learn JavaScript appropriately. What typically happens is that a developer will try to code JavaScript in the same way they would C#, Java, etc… In many cases, you can be successful with this approach, however, the more JavaScript you write you will inevitably find yourself uncovering strange bugs.

Lint Tools These are some tools that can help you identify some common problems in your JavaScript

Script Loaders A way to load your scripts asynchronously so that your pages can load faster

HTML5 Libraries Detects features of your browser so that you can use it or pollyfill with JavaScript

Books These are some good books to introduce you to JavaScript, show you what you what parts are good, and also good patterns that you should consider.

Articles These articles are targeted for C# developers that want to understand JavaScript better.d

Videos These are some great videos that I have learned a lot from. If you have time I strongly encourage you sit back and enjoy.

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