IE8 Beta 2 Cons
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After much internal debate, today I decided to finally install IE8 Beta 2 on my local development machine.

Unfortunately, my initial experience was filled with annoyance and disappointment.

I first became frustrated by a crazy warning that stated that "Internet Explorer is currently running with add-ons disabled. Click here to manage, disable, or remove your add-ons." Since it said all my add-ons where disabled I thought I'd go check them out, but when I looked all my add-ons were enabled!

After some trial, error, and Googling, I found that the Google Toolbar was the cultrpit and I needed to upgrade to Google Toolbar 5 Beta to resolved the crazy yellow warning. After upgrading, this error went away, and I was actually able to use the Google Toolbar, wheww...

As the day progressed, I started to notice some weird horizontal lines appearing in my browser. Apparently, IE8 Beta 2 wasn't fast enough to redraw certain parts of the web page, so I would these horizontal lines as I scrolled up and down.

I wasn't very impressed with the speed of the rendering as well. It did seem faster than IE7, but I guess I have been spoiled after using Google Chrome for the past week or so.

Stayed tuned and I will give you 'IE8 Beta 2 Pros' in my next post.

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