I’ve Been MVP’ed
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As I woke up this morning I checked my Twitter feed on my iPhone and saw the following tweet…

RT @Zannabanana: Welcome back MVPs! @robzelt @plitwin @DanWahlin @anthony808 @chadcampbell & Welcome new MVPs @SaraJChipps and @elijahmanor

Wow, what a way to wake up in the morning! As you might imagine, I’ve been beaming inside ever since ;) What an honor to be accepted into the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award!

Shortly later  that morning I received the official email welcoming me to the program…

Congratulations, you are one of only a few thousand people around the world who have been recognized with a Microsoft MVP Award.

I want to thank everyone who has supported & encouraged me… and of course all the tweet love you’ve shown :)

aspnetinsidersEarlier this year I was also accepted into the ASPInsiders program which has enabled me to converse with the developers of ASP.NET MVC, provide feedback, and play with the newest bits of software before they are released.

I look forward to growing more as a developer and will attempt to continue and provide helpful and timely resources, tips, and tricks for web developers (ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, HTML, CSS, etc…)

twitter8 As I’m sure you know I am quite active on Twitter and provide daily tech tweets that are also posted on my blog in a daily tech tweet roundup and also archived to delicious.

Thanks for all the tweetulations today by the following band of twitter folk…

@Zannabanana @AndyLeonard @johnnystock @lazycoder @mjlefevre @SaraJChipps @johnnystock @rob_james @D_Guidi @mstum @TheCodeJunkie @Frozzare @unclebiguns @DeveloperInfra @SteveAndrews @foreachdev @ChrisLove @arcanecode @AlanBarber @wendy_dance @DavidGiard @wbm @julielermanvt @alvinashcraft @RachelAppel @ddurose @sergeb @jgaylord @kyleNash @SuprotimAgarwal @wpstudios @JeremySkinner @JMBucknall @EduBergantini @GavinOsborn @maartenballiauw @MrTyzik @PrintsCharming @JRGarcia @Raycast @omarq @omarq @ronnycarreras @jglozano @christianaspnet @KathleenOrland @sergeb @donniefitz2 @tommynorman @geekedout @thegeekyouneed @tasid @shuraCL @karlprosser @davepurdon @taurafigueiredo @DouglasAguiar @novogeek @vimpyboy @dmohl @A_Robson @jcoehoorn @ifandelse @schmehi @vitaminjeff @jthomp @ehexter @snahider @ssathya @DeanWeber @navin_l @tobint @rrubin @toncijukic @darthobiwan @_Neville @Raycast @stimms @funcakes @neilcamm @D_Guidi @ivaylovasilev @eddiespooner @jbasilio @tekchic @stevenabanks @JavaScript1x @CoderDennis @kirstinj

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