jQuery Conference Boston 2010 Video: Intro to jQuery UI

The presentations from last year’s jQuery Conference Boston 2010 are now online for you to view. You can click the above picture to watch my introduction to jQuery UI. The material is targeted to someone who hasn’t seen jQuery UI at all or knows very little about it.


I have hosted my slides from the presentation if you are interested.

Other Presentations

In addition you can check out most of the other sessions from the jQuery Conference Videos page.

Some of talks the talks that I found particularly interesting were…

<ul><li>Mobile UI by Filament Group</li><li>OOCSS for JavaScript Pirates by John Hann & Brian Cavalier</li><li>Inaugural State of HTML 5 by Paul Irish</li><li>Beyond the DOM: Functionality-Focused Code Organization by Rebecca Murphey</li><li>Contextual jQuery by Doug Neiner</li><li>jQuery’s Best Friends by Alex Sexton</li><li>jQuery Effects: Beyond the basics by Karl Swedberg</li><li>Theming jQuery UI like an Aristocrat by Chris Bannon</li><li>Building Extensible Widgets by Scott González</li><li>Getting Involved by Ralph Whitbeck</li></ul><div>

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