Migrated from dasBlog to BlogEngine.NET
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images Well, I just migrated from dasBlog to BlogEngine.NET and I am pleased with the results.

Initially I just wanted a fresher looking blog theme for dasBlog, but then as I looked more into BlogEngine.NET I was impressed with the features and out-of-box support.

There are still some some migration issues that I need to address since I am trying to maintain URLs from my old Blogger and dasBlog blogs. I am trying not to abandon those that have bookmarks or try to access my site from a search engine.

benlogo80 Hopefully all the links you click on from Google, Bing, or where-have-you still work. If you find a link that isn’t redirected to the correct location, PLEASE let me know and I will try to address it.

Also, if you see any blog post on this site that looks a little off please let me know. I am still ironing out several HTML, JavaScript, and CSS issues from the migration from dasBlog.

All in all, I am very pleased with the new Blog engine. I plan to keep this one for a while :) However, I reserve the right to manipulate with this theme some.

Hopefully, your RSS feed still works. At worst, it may seem that my older posts are new, but from here on out it should go back to normal. Thanks for your patience!

For those that are interested, two great resources that I used to help me get migrated were…

  1. Converted from dasBlog to BlogEngine.NET
  2. Migrated from dasBlog to BlogEngine.NET

The most important tool I used was the dasBlog to BlogML converter that enabled me to utilize BlogEngine.NET’s import feature.

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