Mix11 Open Call Session Voting
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The voting for the Open Call sessions for the Mix11 Conference has begun again this year and I'm honored that my session made the cut this year. According to their voting page there are 206 sessions that made it to this stage of the selection process. You can view all of the sessions on Mix's updated Open Call page and you are allowed to vote up to 10 sessions. The session that I submitted this year is... > **[Good C# Habits can Encourage Bad JavaScript Habits](//j.mp/gdg3bg)** > *Elijah Manor* > It seems that far too many people come to jQuery thinking that their previous C# knowledge will help them be successful at client-side scripting. In many cases, you can be successful with this approach, however, the more JavaScript you write you will inevitably find yourself uncovering strange bugs because you didn't take time to learn JavaScript properly. > This session is targeted for developers that use jQuery, but haven’t invested adequate time to learn some of the foundational JavaScript concepts that differ from C#. If you would like to avoid some of these common mistakes when moving from C#, then please join me as I try to explain some of the differences. > Some of the topics that will be discussed in this session are: > * Having Variables & Functions in Global Scope > * Not Declaring Arrays & Objects Correctly > * Not Understanding False-y Values > * Not Testing & Setting Default Values Correctly > * Using the Wrong Comparison Operators > * Not Using the for…in Statement Correctly > * Misunderstanding Scope in JavaScript > * Not Knowing Variable and Function Hoisting > * Not Using Closures Correctly or at All > Since jQuery is a library that is built with JavaScript and used alongside JavaScript, it is important that you, as a developer, understand what you are doing. jQuery helps alleviate many of the DOM frustrations that you may have, but you should still take time to be proficient as a JavaScript developer. By doing so, it will increase your jQuery code quality, make it more efficient, and easier to maintain.

If you find my session interesting please vote for my session (even if you can't personally made the event... it will be recorded for playback on their website after the conference).

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