Mix11 Video: Good JavaScript Habits for C# Developers
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If you were able to watch my presentation (either in person or the above video) please consider rating my talk on SpeakerRate and providing a comment with your feedback. Thank you.

Thanks to everyone who voted my talk, I was able to present again at Mix again this year. In my presentation I reviewed some common problems that C# developers tend to make when moving to the JavaScript language. The languages look very similar, but they are very much different and knowing these differences is key!

You can view the recorded session above. The conference was jam packed with great sessions and many times it was difficult to pick which one to attend. Fortunately, all the sessions were recorded and Mix did a great job about publishing the videos only a few days after recording.

Throughout the presentation I list several resources that you might want to dig into and research for yourself.

Slides and Articles
  • I have hosted the slides from the video. I utilized an HTML5 Presentation tool and the slides are best viewed using either Google Chrome or Firefox. 
  • The article series this video was based on can be found on Enterprise jQuery
  • JSLint.com by Douglas Crockford
  • JSHint.com (a fork of JSLing supported and maintained by the JavaScript developer community) by Anton Kovalyov

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