My 7 jQuery Articles on Script Junkie
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Recently a brand new Microsoft website has been launched called Script Junkie that focuses on JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more…

Over the past 7 months or so I’ve written 7 articles that are now available on Script Junkie. I was honored to write these articles for the launch of the website. I hope this clues you into why the blog posts on this site have been lacking.
  1. Six Things Every jQuery Developer Should Know
  2. How to Debug Your jQuery Code
  3. History and Back Button Support
  4. Intro to Error Handling in Ajax Apps
  5. Custom jQuery Events and Selector Filters
  6. How to Create Your Own jQuery Plugin
  7. jQuery Test-Driven Development
I am taking a break from writing for Script Junkie for a while. Our 3rd baby is due in August ;)

I hope you find the above articles helpful.

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