New Beginnings
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Today is my last day at appendTo, LLC. I've been working with appendTo for over 2.5 years and have been doing a combination of architecture reviews, project work, staff augmentation, and preforming on-site and virtual remote trainings.

I've learned a lot while at appendTo. I've grown in my confidence as a developer and a trainer and I've valued working alongside talented developers and friends. I appreciate the time I've been at appendTo, but it is time to move on.

Going Out On My Own

I've decided to go out on my own and start my own business! This day comes with a mixed bag full of emotions. My company name is Manorism, Inc. I've purchased the domain (haven't launched it yet) and hope to acquire the .com from its current owner.

![](// company will primarily center around training. My initial focus will involve creating several PluralSight videos and then I hope to branch out to do remote/on-site trainings, workshops at conferences, and some consulting on the side. I start on my 1st PluralSight course starting tomorrow and it should be available in about a month.

I'm not going anywhere and if anything else you should see more of me than you have previously ;) Again, thanks appendTo and keep your eyes open for Manorism, Inc.

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