New F# SyntaxHighlighter Brush

Ever since my previous blog about Code Highlighters For Your Blog, I have heard several people interested in implementing the SyntaxHighlighter on their blog. If so, there is a good article by Guogang Hu about integrating it into your Blogger blog.

One of those individuals was my friend, Daniel Mohl (via twitter... @dmohl). However, Daniel had a need to support F#, which is not one of the out-of-the-box languages that is supported by the SyntaxHighlighter. I saw this as a fun side project to support this language for him.

F.Y.I. If you like F#, his blog is definitely one you should check out!

Here is an example F# program that is only a proof of concept that Dan put together for me to exercise the F# brush sufficiently... it doesn't actually work! :) I am just starting to learn the language, so please give me some slack!

If you find any areas that I missed while supporting the language, please let me know and I'll fix it. Feel free to download and use the F# SyntaxHighlighter Brush and provide any suggestions or comments.

Note: The JavaScript file has been minimized with JSMin, so it might be a little difficult to read.

I'd like to contribute the F# Brush to the Google Code project, but I am not yet a contributor on the project. If I am able to become a contributor, then I will post the code as part of the main project.

namespace testforElijah
module testModuleForElijah
open System
let multiple x = x * x
val CalculateSeqExample: seq -> int
type ICustomerDao = interface
abstract GetById: int -> ICustomer
type CustomerDao = class
new: unit -> CustomerDao
interface ICustomerDao
[for x in list -> expr]
type 'a option =
| None
| Some of 'a

//This is a test
let showSomething (name, something)
match name with
| Some (some, thing) -> (* do something*)
| None

type node =
{ Name : string;
Links : list list;}
and link =
| Dangling
| Link of node

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