New Pluralsight Course: Fixing Common jQuery Bugs
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I'm pleased to announce that my 2nd Pluralsight course Fixing Common jQuery Bugs as been released!

![](// the course I examine common bugs that are often accidentally introduced when developing with jQuery. For each bug I expose the problem, explain what is going on, and then exterminate the issue with a solution. The goal is to help prevent you from making these mistakes and in the process gain a better understanding of how jQuery works.

The course is loosely based off a blog series and talk that I gave over a year ago that you might remember. I took some of those older topics, added a bunch of new content, and then bundled them into this new course. I also tried to insert some of my strange quirky sense of humor. It should be interesting to see how that goes over ;)

![](// bugs examined in this course range from core calamities, selector stew, traversing travesties, manipulation mix-up, erratic events, Ajax agony, embarrassing effects, unsettling utilities, and perplexing plugin related issues.

Since each bug is essentially a mini quiz, the names of each title ended up being slightly obscure. However, hopefully after I've exposed the actual issue the name will make a little more sense.

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