Presenting jQuery Plugin Session at devLink Conference
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Last month I submitting 6 sessions to this year's devLink Conference.

I recently found that they accepted the advanced session on 'How to create your own jQuery Plugin' that I had proposed.

Here is the session abstract for those of you who are interested...

How to create your own jQuery Plugin
There comes a time when the jQuery plugins currently available just don't meet your immediate needs. This session will show you how to go about creating your own plugin and will address key points you need to consider while making a plugin.</blockquote>I've been to devLink for the past two years and it's definitely worth the time and money. It is a great chance to learn new concepts and to meet and share ideas with fellow geeks!

Here is some more information about the conference...

August 13 - 15, 2009
Reg. Opens
April 1, 2009
Reg. Closes
July 30, 2009 or until sold out (800 available)
Standard Ticket - $100
Lipscomb University

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