Regular Expressions in CoffeeScript are Awesome

Letโ€™s face it, regular expressions arenโ€™t for everyone. It takes a special breed of developer to actually enjoy writing regular expressions. Although I enjoy them, the developer that comes after me may find that they are cryptic and hard to read. And yes, sometimes it takes me a little bit to decipher through an old regular expression that I wrote a while ago.

Take for example, the following regular expression. Can you tell what it is doing? If soโ€ฆ then great, but what about the developers you work with?

One of the very cool things I like about CoffeeScript is that you can annotate your regular expressions! The following snippet of CoffeeScript compiles down to the equivalent JavaScript as seen in the above code sample. Yay ;)

Which code sample would you rather maintain? And more importantly which one would your co-worker be more likely to understand?

NOTE: The above email regular expression is very naive in it's logic. I based the above snippet from a Nettuts+ post entitled, 8 Regular Expressions You Should Know. There are much more comprehensive email regular expressions available on the internet, but I used the above one to show the value of annotation.

As a side note, some tools that I find helpful are Grant Skinnerโ€™s Online RegExr Tool and I sometimes get inspiration for regular expressions at What tools or resources do you use for regular expressions?

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