Screencast: Dive Into ASP.NET MVC RC2

Dive into ASP.NET MVC RC2 from Elijah Manor on Vimeo.
<p>Last week I gave a presentation at the Compuware Thought Leadership meeting entitled, โ€œDive Into ASP.NET MVC RC2โ€.</p> <p>Several people asked me about the presentaiton and were interested in the material. However, the meeting was closed to only Compuware employees. So, I thought I would make a screencast of the talk.</p> <p>The screencast covers the following: </p><ol><li>An quick overview of what is โ€œMVCโ€</li><li>Pros & Cons comparing ASP.NET MVC to ASP.NET WebForms</li> <li>Answers to questions you might be thinking</li><li>Review of new features since the beta release</li><li>Demonstration & code review of a demo app using ASP.NET MVC RC2</li></ol><p>Note: This is my first screencast, so please be patient with me :)</p> <p>You can download the sample ASP.NET MVC RC2 application demonstrated in the screencastโ€ฆ</p>

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