Top JavaScript Developers You Should Follow on Google+
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![](// many of you, I've hopped on the Google+ bangwagon and the 1st thing you do on most social networks is to find those individuals that you want to follow.

As many of you are aware I work for appendTo and most of my work these days involves front-end web development ( JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, etc ).

So, I created the following list of 60+ JavaScript Developers on the Google+ Counter website that you might consider circling ( a.k.a. following ).

Unfortunately since the Google+ API is not yet released you'll have to click each developer and circle them one at a time. Once the API is released hopefully this will be much less painful.
![](// top 5 individuals that are circled are listed in the image to the right. Hopefully these names are not a surprise to you as they are all highly influential in the JavaScript space.

Google+ is technically still invite only so I image these numbers will increase dramatically over time. I find Google+ already to be a much more conversational way to share knowledge.

Are you on Google+? If not I have some invites left over.

Also if you circle me ( // ) I'll put you in my Developer circle and share with you the latest in web development links throughout the week.

Am I missing your favorite JavaScript developer? If so, leave a comment and I'll see about adding them to the list.

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