Video: Good C# Habits Can Encourage Bad JavaScript Habits

Today I recorded a Webinar with DevExpress entitled โ€œGood C# Habits Can Encourage Bad JavaScript Habitsโ€. The webinar is embedded below.

The talk was spurred by a recent Fornt-end Architecture Review I performed where the background of the developers was primarily C#. The project was almost entirely written in JavaScript and I noticed a common set of bad JavaScript practices that appeared to have their influence in good C# techniques.

<div><div>These thoughts turned into a series of articles that I posted several months ago on Enterprise jQuery and I have recently pooled the articles into the following presentation.</div></div>
I hope that this presentation will help you prevent some of these mistakes in your projects and to let you know, Iโ€™ve made all these mistakes myself :)

<h3> Resources</h3><div>
</div>At the end of the presentation I list several resources that you might want to dig into and research for yourself.

Slides and Articles
<ul><li>I have hosted the slides from the video.ย I utilized an HTML5 Presentation tool and the slides are best viewed using either Google Chrome or Firefox.ย </li><li>The article series this video was based on can be found onย Enterprise jQuery</li></ul>Tools
<ul><li> by Douglas Crockford</li></ul>Books
<ul><li>JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford</li><li>JavaScript Patterns by Stoyan Stefanov</li></ul>Articles
<ul><li>Prototypes and Inheritance in JavaScript by Scott Allen</li><li>Use Cases for JavaScript Closures by Juriy Zaytsev</li><li>JavaScript for C# Programmers series by Julian Bucknall</li></ul>Video
<ul><li>Crockford on JavaScript video series on Yahoo!</li></ul>
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