VSTS 2010 Local Microsoft Event

Last night I went to a local Microsoft Event demonstrating the cool new features of VSTS 2010 presented by Mark Mydland (Principal Group Manager of VSTS Test).

Mark demonstrated numerous new features of VSTS 2010 such as...

In addition Mark demonstrated some products that have recently come out of Microsoft Research...

Feel free to download Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 CTP and start playing with it today.

Note: If you were unable to make this talk, then there is a PDC video covering most, but not all of the content entitled Microsoft Visual Studio Team System: A Lap Around VSTS 2010 by Cameron Skinner (Product Unit Manager on the VSTS team). Here is a brief description of the video...

"In the spirit of an agile sprint, see how to use the next version of Visual Studio Team System to manage user stories and re-factor existing architecture. Learn how to diagnose real production problems, debug in-production virtual labs, capture test data to eliminate the no-repro bugs, transparently plan, monitor, and adapt software projects."

Thank you Compuware for sponsoring the event!

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