Where Did @elijahmanor’s Tech Tweets Go?
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TechTweetBird You might be wondering “Where Did @elijahmanor’s Tech Tweets Go?”. I actually wasn’t aware of this issue until I had several people asking where my tech tweets went. It seems that there is an issue with my account on Twitter today starting around 9AM CST. In order to see my tweets there is a workaround of unfollowing and then refollowing me (@elijahmanor). This seems strange, but it has worked for those that have tried it. You may have not noticed that this was a problem. If that is the case then maybe you were seeing my tweets as part of a Twitter search (which still works) or maybe I was part of a custom Twitter List that you are watching. I hope that this is just a temporary glitch in Twitter that will resolve itself soon. I have created a Twitter Ticket explaining the issue just in case. I will do my regular Tech Tweets blog post round-up as usual. So, if you didn’t see any of my tech tweets you can enjoy them there :)Update: On my way home today I noticed an update to the Twitter Status Blog stated that
We are aware of and investigating the causes of timeline delays and missing tweets. Retweet is back up and fully functional.
So, I hope that means this will not last for long ;)

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