Year End Twitter Cloud


To end off the year, I thought Iโ€™d generate a quick Tweet Cloud that represents my top word usage on Twitter.

I think the above image pretty much sums up my presence on Twitter ;) As if you didnโ€™t know before, I mostly tweet about ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, and general Web Dev related topics.

The above graph was generated by TweetStats and then passed through a service called Wordle.

Note: You can also generate Twitter Clouds using the TweetCloud service, but I found that it wasnโ€™t as accurate at the TweetStats service that I used above. For example, TweetCloud didnโ€™t list ASP.NET MVC as one of my top Twitter words, whereas TweetStats did. Maybe TweetCloud doesnโ€™t account for hashtags?

I hope you have a great Christmas and a New Year!

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