React to the Future


June 18, 2015

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I recently gave a talk about Facebook's React library at AngleBrackets in Scottsdale, AZ. The talk, React to the Future, is an introduction to React and then I start to touch on some larger concepts like Flux and Isomorphic JavaScript.

"My favorite part of React is what I loved about MooTools: to use it effectively you learn JavaScript, not a DSL: useful your whole career." --Ryan Florence

Topics Covered

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  • What is React & Who Uses It?
  • Why is it Compelling? Declarative & Composable Virtual DOM * One-Way Data Flow
  • Components State Machines createClass, ES6 Class JSX Props/State/Refs Lifecycle Methods Gotchas {: .flex-item }
  • Flux What is Flux? Flux Comparison
  • Isomorphic Don't Break the Web (isometric) Shared Code * Progressive Enhancment
  • Additional Node Modules React Router React Intl * reqwest {: .flex-item}


You can find the slides from the presentation online at

Note: This slide deck is fairly new. I will be giving the presentation again and have plans to iterate on the material. Stay tuned :)


I was recently interviewed on the Polymorphic Podcast by Craig Shoemaker.

On the show we talk about many of the above concepts in addition to topics like integrating React into an existing Brown-field project, etc...

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