Switch Kitty Theme from the Command Line


September 29, 2021

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Change Kitty Theme via an Interactive Tool

As of the 0.23.0 release of the Kitty terminal, you can now browse for Kitty themes in an interactive terminal! The following command will bring up the interactive terminal GUI.

kitty +kitten themes

NOTE: I have noticed that the app doesn't work so well when I'm inside of tmux. Maybe there is some special mapping I need to create. I'll need to look into that.

Change Kitty Theme via the Command Line

You can also switch themes via the command line. This could be helpful if you want to script the change or if you want to switch to a custom theme. There are several command line options you can use available in the documention.

Current Instance

The following will change the theme to Dracula for the kitty instance that you are currently running.

kitty +kitten themes Dracula

All Instances

The following command uses the --reload-in=all flag that will change the theme to Dracula in all running instances of kitty.

kitty +kitten theme --reload-in=all Dracula
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